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Black and Gray tattoos a labor of love at Loveland Tattoo Studio for more visit lovelandtattoo.com

At Loveland Tattoo Studio we have spent years honing our craft and staying up to date on recent tattoo styles and trends. I personally have been involved in the art form hands on for over 20 years of my life. In that time I can honestly say I have seen some if not the best examples of this genre as well as some of its worst. Full disclosure: I completed my formal apprenticeship at the World Famous Goodtime Charlies Tattooland, The home and epitome of this style and genre so yes Im probably a bit biased towards it.

If you are not aware Jack Rudy of Goodtime Charlies is arguably the preeminent Fine Line black and gray tattooer and while apprenticing under his watch I was imbued with a special knowledge and a deep appreciation for the black and gray tattoo style Truth be told I am a Lower East Side Native and was exposed and well acquainted to the Joint style or prison style of tattooing at an early age and have been continuously connected to it ever since I was a small child. But what I witnessed at Tattooland was not exactly the same similar but evolved and deeper.

I felt an appreciation for that evolution because it was real to me. Something I saw and felt something that was tangible. Nowadays its common to see black and gray pretty much any style of tattoos that seem so unreal to me that I myself become confused as to whether or not it is a heavily filtered photoshopped image with all the polarization you may need. And truth be told a lot were. But from time to time I will witness a piece of black gray tattooing that will just blow my mind.

Personally I like tattoos that look like tattoos. I feel the black and gray genre of tattooing is my home and and foundation and a big part of what my career has been built off of. If you are in the Los Angeles, San Pedro or Long Beach Areas and would like to discuss a possible black and gray tattoo you are researching stop by or give me a call at the number below because I can guarantee one thing for sure your tattoo is just as important to me as it is to you and that cant be said very much nowadays about anything you buy.

Thanks again Much love from all of us here at

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