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Tattoo Shops as we know them today are based in a long long trail of Historic tattoo shops that are the things of legend. Here in the United States as in other parts of the world the art of tattooing has a pre - historic story of monumental portions. 

My introduction to tattoos as  a very young boy was by way of me noticing my grandfather louis’ tattoos of some of the flair of the traditional tattoo parlors based near the ports of Los Angeles in San Pedro and Long Beach just adjacent here in CA where we are currently located and the photo studios and tattoo shops lining Los Angeles' main street.

He was a sailor with the pacific fleet and these tattoo dens of iniquity were on and humming in those days of the mid fiftys here in Los Angeles. Going even further back to the turn of the last century through the 40’s you could find a whole host of some of the giants of the American Traditional field of tattooing. Whether its Bert Grimm, Ben Corday, Red Gibbons or a whole list of other monumental titans of the traditional tattooing genre they could be found here.

Here  at loveland Tattoo Studio located in the city of Los Angeles in the historic waterfront district of San Pedro at 418 W. 6th st. Ive gone to great lengths to continue the great legacy of West Coast Tattooers. And i will continue in this journey as long as I can hold a tattoo machine and beyond. Ive dedicated endless hours to the pursuit of period specific traditional tattoos as well as Modern traditional tattoos. 

If your ever in the mood or are wanting to learn more about the tattoos we create here together not just limited to traditional tattoos. Message us or give me a call directly and we can have a private one on one conversation about any tattoos you are looking to add to your collection.

Because here at loveland I want to make sure we create the perfect tattoos that help you to perfectly express who you are and will be forever.

thanks again for looking and we hope to see you soon!!!!

Lil Pete Ralles

Loveland Tattoo Studio

418 W. 6th st. San Pedro 90731


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